My Heart is in Thailand

I just booked a flight to Kosovo! Feels like, finally! My trip is coming together. It’s been about a month in Thailand, and I’m having a beautiful experience. I’ve been living in a small community of farangs (foreigners) in a village outside of Khon Kaen, Baan Muang Wan, which means “sweet mango”.

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Exploring the world and experiencing new cultures has always been a dream for me. I remember making random noises to my mom, asking, “what language is that?”

She laughed at me and told me that it “didn’t work that way.” I am still not convinced that it doesn’t.  Continue reading “Wanderlust”

Classical Music As Repellent?

How to get those hooligans off your lawn!

Concerto Infinito

A recent article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle claims that classical music pumped into public areas is an effective deterrent of gatherings of loitering teens. According to the article, “Classical music is intellectual music, more challenging than other genres and teens just don’t like it.”

It’s nice that classical music is being used to prevent discord- music as a vehicle for peace is rarely a bad thing- but at the same time, this isn’t exactly audience-building that’s going on, either. Perhaps these teens whom the music so drives away could be exposed to the music in school, to more than just “boring” Haydn and Mozart and Beethoven, in order that such music does not produce such a visceral effect.

I’m a bit ambivalent about the whole thing.

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